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Mayfair Digital Marketing Agency is a digital marketing and social media agency serving the whole world from London. You can visit the menus for our services and details. In addition, the services we provide to our references are written in detail. You can see the work done and the results by clicking on each reference.
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Digital Analysis & Report

It is the process of analyzing digital quantitative and qualitative data from sources such as websites, mobile apps and social media channels to more clearly show how and why users search for products and how you can improve your customer experience and strategy. The Digital Analysis & Report service process is as follows (The process varies depending on the services you purchase):

– Website visits, users, sessions, clicks, interaction numbers, etc.
– Bounce rate, percentage of users leaving after the first page (%)
– Website general and page-based slow loading, broken link, etc. reporting the cause of the problems and suggestions for solutions.
– website visits; demographic information, technological structure, traffic information by source, interaction and conversion rates, etc.
– Advertising campaign performances, investment and conversion information.
– Performance reports of your competitors and your brand according to various parameters.
– Search engine keyword rank, number or percentage of traffic.
– Social media viewing, liking, visiting, number of interactions, etc. reports.
– Business account phone clicks, directions, views, website clicks reports.
– Ranking keywords and ranking scales reports.
– Number of searches for keywords, cost-per-click information reports.