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Mayfair Digital Agency FAQ


In this section, we have collected the questions that many of our customers have asked or wanted to ask us. The answer to all these questions is ready for you. You can learn the answers to the questions you are curious about by clicking on the questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Some of the questions asked by those who want to be our customers here have already been answered. But if you want more information, you can reach it from the Contact section. London Social Media Agency, Mayfair Digital Agency is always ready to communicate.
How many years has MAYFAIR Socıal Medıa Agency been doıng thıs job?

We have been serving and collaborating in the Digital and Social Media Sector for 15 years.

What servıces does MAYFAIR Dıgıtal Medıa Agency offer?

Our agency generally provides services in the fields of digital and branding. You can see the service details from the Our Services menu.

Why should I work wıth an agency ınstead of hırıng a dıgıtal marketıng specıalıst?

Because a digital marketing agency is actually more costly. Because it is only one person and the areas of expertise are in one or several categories. But the agency provides comprehensive, experienced and professional service as a team. Getting agency services instead of paying a salary is more profitable, professional and more result-oriented. Even many big brands cooperate with agencies after establishing a marketing unit. Because agencies work better to protect their reputation.

Why should I pay more when there are cheaper dıgıtal medıa agencıes?

It is not correct to distinguish between cheap or expensive. Every agency or person has brand value. This brand value determines the wages for working hours. However, experience and confidence are added to this fee. People who meet all these criteria and will provide truly marketing-oriented services will demand wages for their working hours. So the concept of cheap is not true. Prices vary completely according to your wishes.

What Is Shopıfy, How To Use It, What Does It Do?

Shopify is an e-commerce store software that provides services for a certain fee, where you can set up your e-commerce store and sell your products online without the need for software and programming knowledge. We set up Shopify for you and enable you to sell professionally on the internet.

What ıs a Wordpress Websıte and What Does It Do?

It is a website software that is very easy to use and manage for the customer. Fully customizable. Being SEO friendly is one of its biggest advantages. We recommend Wordpress to all our business customers.

I provıde E-Commerce Servıce, can we work wıth you?

Certainly! 53% of our customers are e-commerce businesses or digital companies. We manage the campaigns and content of these companies. In this way, we save your wasted advertising money, reach more people and enable you to sell more.

Is my busıness ın another cıty or country a problem for thıs MAYFAIR Dıgıtal Agency?

No! Definitely not. Currently, we serve brands in countries such as Turkey, Poland, America, China and Hungary, especially the United Kingdom. We are digital and everywhere! 🙂

The questıon I want to ask ıs not here, what should I do?

If your question isn’t here, don’t worry! Hit the Contact button now and get in touch with us. You can even write on Whatsapp if you want.

What do I need to do to become your customer?

If you want to be our customer, that’s great! I’m so glad. But we like to serve in a professional way. That’s why he evaluates our shifts according to your wishes and writes you an answer. Please send us your requests by mail, you will be answered in the best way.

What is FAQ?

An abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions. Answers to frequently asked questions are on this page.

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