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Mayfair Digital Marketing Agency is a digital marketing and social media agency serving the whole world from London. You can visit the menus for our services and details. In addition, the services we provide to our references are written in detail. You can see the work done and the results by clicking on each reference.
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Google ADS Management

Your Google Ads are managed by our Professional Google ADS Expert team members. The Mayfair Digital Agency team consists of people with at least 8 years of Google ADS experience.
What is the Google ADS Management service?
Google ads is an internet advertising services system that makes it easier to reach users with the product or service offered by your business in Google searches and maps.
Google ADS Management Services:

– We make targets with the budget you set. We plan budgets and create strategies according to these targets.
– If you do not have a keyword study, we do keyword analysis and report it.
– We always focus on gaining new customers and making sales.
– We are installing tags on Google Tag Manager. Because, thanks to the label, we can give sales-oriented advertisements.
– We analyze your website and offer recommendations to increase your quality score.
– We use all advertising areas with a sales focus by giving performance ads.
– We analyze search term reports and turn wasted money into productive spending.
– We analyze the results through Google analytics and create new strategies according to these results.
– We target audience segments and targeting together with our professional team.